Our Brand

At Bharara Beauty, we are passionate about creating and blending scents that can conjure a memory, lift mood, or bridge sentimental and sensory experiences. We take pride in our expertise in the art of perfume making.

  • Tequila Noir EDP Spray

    5 star review by Leartic Brook JR

    "This is a conversation with the lady's every time you put this on!"

  • Bharara King EDP Spray

    5 star review by Detman101

    " This fragrance is a MONSTER!! It lasts, literally, around 16 hours with just 3-4 sprays!"

  • Tequila Gold EDP Spray

    5 star review by Britany Di Paola

    "My husband gets compliments everywhere we go when he wears this cologne. It smells amazing and lasts all day long!"